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Font embedding

Disclaimer: You are free to reuse it “as-is”, on your own responsibility and without any guarantee whatsoever. No rights can be derived from, successfully or unsuccessfully, completing the steps outlined below.

This is a scenario that tests whether your application is able to use embedded fonts.


Part 1:

  • Install the Ahem font
  • Create a new document and embed the font
  • Save and validate the file

Part 2:

  • Open the document on a device where Ahem is NOT installed
  • Check if the embedded Ahem font is displayed


Please follow the file name convention outlined in the faq. Note that the PDF files can be included as a previewing aid, but uploading the ODF files is much more important.


ODF File PDF preview

Reopened /modified

ODF File PDF preview


A list of known issues. Implementations not listed here may or may not work as expected. Results may vary depending on user settings and computer environment. Use at your own risk.

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