Embedded Fonts

This scenario aims to test support for embedded fonts in ODF text documents.

  1. Make sure that the font AHEM is not installed on your computer. You can verify this by opening the document missingfont.odt.
  2. Open the document embeddedfont.odt.
  3. Check if you can see black blocks instead of normal letters. If so, you application has support for embedded fonts.
  4. Save the document as embeddedfont_saved.odt.
  5. Unzip it and look inside to check if:
  • the font file AHEM.TTF is there.
  • it is mentioned in the file styles.xml

missingfont.odt embeddedfont.odt

  <style:font-face style:name="myfont" svg:font-family="'AHEM'">
      <svg:font-face-uri xlink:href="AHEM____.TTF">
        <svg:font-face-format svg:string="truetype"/>


Please follow the file name convention outlined in the faq. Note that the PDF files can be included as a previewing aid, but uploading the ODF files is much more important.


ODF File PDF preview

Reopened /modified

ODF File PDF preview
embeddedfont-savedaoodevbuild.odt opened and saved in orw's developer build of Apache OpenOffice - embedded font is lost
embeddedfont_ooo33.odt Opened and saved in OpenOffice.org 3.3
embeddedfont-abiword.odt Opened and saved in AbiWord 2.9.2
embeddedfont_word_2007.odt Opened and saved in MS Word 2007 - embedded font is lost
embeddedfont_symphony.odt Opened and saved in IBM Symphony 3 - embedded font is lost


A list of known issues. Implementations not listed here may or may not work as expected. Results may vary depending on user settings and computer environment. Use at your own risk.

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