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  • Create a new document
  • Add the following text to it: “This is a scenario to test annotations, otherwise knows as comments. Annotations are important for collaborative workflows that involve multiple people making suggestions to improve the text. The OpenDocument Format 1.2 specification lists annotation-end in 13.2 as being an XML element which can be optionally used to define the end of a text range for the annotation.”
  • Select 'multiple people making suggestions' and add a comment 'I don't believe we should exclude non-humans.'
  • Save and validate the file. Upload it to the wiki.
  • Open it using another implementation
  • Check if the annotation is visible and the annotation region is marked.
  • Save and validate the file. Upload it to the wiki.
  • Reopen the file to see if the annotation region is intact and shown in the correct place.


Please follow the file name convention outlined in the faq. Note that the PDF files can be included as a previewing aid, but uploading the ODF files is much more important.


ODF File PDF preview
spannedannotation_orwaoodevbuild.odt created with orw's AOO dev. build
annotations-abiword.odt ODT written by abiword 2.9.2
spannedannotation_ooo33.odt 3.3
annotations-abiword.abw Original AbiWord document with an annotation placed over a range of text
annotation_symphony_3.odt IBM Symphony 3
annotation_word_7.odt MS Word 2007

Reopened /modified

ODF File PDF preview


A list of known issues. Implementations not listed here may or may not work as expected. Results may vary depending on user settings and computer environment. Use at your own risk.

Nr Status Write Read Comment


MS Word 2007 shows the comment at the end of the annotation area.

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