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PivotTable [plugtest.opendocsociety.org]



Disclaimer: You are free to reuse it “as-is”, on your own responsibility and without any guarantee whatsoever. No rights can be derived from, successfully or unsuccessfully, completing the steps outlined below.


  1. Open data.ods (sample data file with 5000 rows)
  2. Insert a Pivot Table (data pilot) on a new worksheet, based on the entire range of the data. (In Excel – Insert/PivotTable/OK.)
  3. Add these three fields/columns to the PivotTable: Product Category, Product Subcategory, Sales Amount. (In Excel – check the boxes next to these fields in the PivotTable sidebar.)
  4. Filter the PivotTable on the Country field. (In Excel, drag this field to the Report Filter listbox.)
  5. Format the aggregated Sales Amount column of the PivotTable as currency. (In Excel, right-click on column header, then Format Cells/Currency/OK.)
  6. Save the file.
  7. Open in another implementation.
  8. Refresh/recalculate the Pivot Table. (In Excel, right-click on the Pivot Table, click Refresh.)
  9. Change page filter to show Germany only. The grand total should be 180,826.3758.



ODF File PDF preview

Reopened /modified

ODF File PDF preview


A list of known issues. Implementations not listed here may or may not work as expected. Results may vary depending on user settings and computer environment. Use at your own risk.

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